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Social Media Marketing for Independent Hotels

Word-of-mouth marketing continues to be significant

social-media-marketing-for-hotelsExplosive growth of social media over the last few years has caused a monumental shift in the hospitality industry. More than two thirds of travellers are posting online reviews and hotels are being publicly discussed using social media. Evidently, Word-of-mouth marketing continues to be significant in the travel sector, especially when people want to share their experiences and opinions with others and know what others have to say about theirs.

Today more guests share their opinions online – more so if any part of your service offering is below their expectations – during various phases of their stay, on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, online review sites like Trip advisor, Travel forums and OTAs. These reviews have the power to influence booking decisions and can have a positive or negative impact on your business.

The game has changed; Independent Hoteliers should no longer ignore this new reality, as it is having an impact on their bookings.

Social Media: The New, Guest Satisfaction Measure

Online reviews is one of the top three booking factors today, which influence their booking decisions with price and location being the other two.

Today, collecting and analysing the data to calculate Social Media ROI, isn’t the hard part. But ROI from Social media is much more than number of likes, +1s, followers, and other such quantifiable metrics.

At Divine Hospitality, we believe the real ROI from social media presence should be measured in terms of growth in the brand awareness, online reputation and direct business that gets generated as a result of the engagement on social media platforms.

Reach out to your potential customers effectively

social-media-marketing-for-hotelsSocial networks like Facebook offer a host of advertising tools such as marketplace ads, Facebook exchange ads, retargeting ads, sponsored posts, sponsored stories and other tools with unique targeting attributes such as age, gender, location, interests, and connections.

However, Facebook Advertising requires a different approach than search engine advertising. key to long term success in this channel is not about only running standalone marketplace ads with the aim of direct client acquisition; but also having an active and engaging Facebook business page as it plays an important role in tapping into a large, engaged audience and delivering your message and promotions to an audience which might not be reachable via other channels.

Other Social Media Platforms like Twitter also offer some unique capabilities for audience building and generating direct response.

Social Media may or may not be an engine for direct sales. But it is a powerful platform where the word of mouth goes viral, and where both, the guests and hotels have an equal chance to communicate directly. it can help sales too as your best evangelist is your satisfied customer

Social Media Marketing certainly helps independent hotels in effectively reaching out to the existing and prospective customers online and is more effective as compared to traditional measures of guest satisfaction – private guest feedback such as comment cards and post – stay survey – which is not directly available for public view and though valuable does very little to drive bookings.

Our Social Media Marketing Services for Hotels include:

Divine Hospitality’s clearly defined social media marketing strategy and online reputation management plan help independent hotels, to fully harness the power of social media. Our Social media strategies enables you not just to monitor feedback and to respond quickly, but most importantly to let your guests know that you are listening, by making continuous improvements to your service, operations and facilities based on the insights you gather from your guests.

Contact us today to know more about how our Social Media Marketing Services can help your hotel.