Business Turnaround Specialists for Hotels Resorts Vacation Rentals Farm Stays Restaurants Cafes

Business Turnaround Specialists for Hotels Resorts Vacation Rentals Farm Stays Restaurants Cafes

Restaurant Design

From designing new restaurant concepts, to creating business plans and growth strategy,  culinary development and implementation of systems, streamlining the restaurant operations to launching a new restaurant,

we do it all.

Restaurant Design and Concept Development

Your restaurant’s design and concept is essentially your business’s identity and encompasses your menu, service style, ambience, marketing strategy, and brand positioning. Our restaurant design and concept development includes planning the minute details for many practical issues instead of just an idea.

Besides choosing whether the restaurant focus will be on upscale fine dine, casual dining or quick service fast food, we also focus other critical factors in developing your restaurant design concept which include:

  • analyzing the competitive challenges,

  • researching market demographics,

  • studying the culinary trends,

  • studying the industry financial predictions and developing a feasible financing strategy.

  • your restaurant’s brand positioning plan to develop a clear, engaging philosophy and unique personality for your restaurant,

  • planning your restaurant design

While planning your restaurant design concept we also help you decide what kind of equipment you buy, uniform designs for your staff, types of table settings, and plan logistical issues such as parking and access to commuter traffic.

In order for your restaurant to be successful, we make sure that the concept of your restaurant is focused and clearly defined before you open. Restaurant design and concept development is important as it will influence how customers think of you. Divine Hotel & Restaurant Consultants provide professional advice on your restaurant design and concept development from your food and presentation to your brand positioning and restaurant business plan, that will help you successfully launch your restaurant.

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