Business Turnaround Specialists for Hotels Resorts Vacation Rentals Farm Stays Restaurants Cafes

Business Turnaround Specialists for Hotels Resorts Vacation Rentals Farm Stays Restaurants Cafes

Restaurant Turnaround Consulting

The goal of every restaurant is to build a profitable and efficiently growing business that benefits the investors, Owners, Staff and local community over the long term. But if there comes a time when your profits start dropping fast or you feel your restaurant has lost its buzz and reached stagnancy, know that it’s time for your restaurant turnaround.

Let's help you get your restaurant back on track.

Divine Hotel Consultants offer restaurant turnaround services for restaurants, cafes and cloud kitchens.

Our Restaurant Turnaround strategy is a combination of essential components to successful restaurant turnarounds which include restaurant management experience, operations expertise and financial planning and debt restructuring strategies, cost control systems, marketing services and sales building initiatives.

We support you in executing the turnaround strategy and achieve desired goals to help you create a profitable business.

Our Restaurant Turnaround Consulting services are divided into two parts:

1. Restaurant Evaluation & Assessment

  • Brand Attributes and Positioning
    • Marketing Plan Review
    • Advertising Effectiveness Review
    • Customer feedback and Online Reputation review
  • Financial Analysis
    • P&L Statement Review
    • Profit Performance Analysis
  • Operations Effectiveness Assessment
    • Food Quality and Service Performance
    • Food, Beverage, and Labour Cost Management
    • Menu Engineering
    • Recipe Costing
  • Purchase Process and Vendor analysis
    • Vendor Selection Supply, and Pricing audit
    • Industry “Best Practice” Operating Systems and Application
  • Human Resources Management
    • Payroll Management
    • Staff Appraisals
    • Staff Training
  • Lease Negotiations
  • And more…

2. Restaurant Turnaround Strategy Design and Execution

After completing the comprehensive business analysis of your restaurant, we share with you our findings, identify and prioritize your opportunities, provide solutions and help you design the turnaround strategy you can implement immediately and execute the turnaround plan for your restaurant.

We review your business from subjective, objective, and critical perspectives to create the most efficient, effective, and direct plan. Our experienced team of specialists dig in to fully understand what is working — and what isn’t.

Based on our qualitative and quantitative audits and Restaurant P&L analysis, we present you a clear, factual reporting, with our findings to suggest improvements with our proven management systems and standards of performance to help you get results faster.

Benefits to you

Our Restaurant Turnaround Services will help you with:

  • Improved profitability through improved and enhanced operating systems
  • Top-to-bottom operations and business review and action plan for success
  • Structured Expense Budgeting
  • Menu analysis, development, and enhanced menu design for better brand positioning
  • Better work culture and talent transformations for more efficient and effective operations
  • Save costs with recruiting, talent search, and trainings.
  • New concept development from idea to implementation, so no detail is overlooked
  • Complete turnaround project management for turn-key, efficient delivery

At Divine Hotel & Restaurant Consultants, we help you best balance the needs of you customers, staff while improving your restaurant’s bottom line profits, helping your brand perform better than ever before.

Ready to transform your restaurant and grow faster?

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