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Business Turnaround Specialists for Hotels Resorts Vacation Rentals Farm Stays Restaurants Cafes

Restaurant Marketing Plans

restaurant marketing

Once we establish an overarching marketing strategy, we will strengthen it with specific marketing plans. Our marketing plans are always a realistic reflection of our marketing strategies for your restaurant.

The alignment of a clear, realistic marketing strategy and an equally well-executed and related marketing plan is fundamental to your restaurant marketing success.

Below is a brief outline of elements of our marketing plans for restaurants:

1.0 Marketing Vision
1.1 Goals
1.2 Purpose

2.0 Ideal Customer
2.1 Market Needs
2.2 Market Trends
2.3 Market Description
2.3.1 Demographics
2.3.2 Psychographics
2.3.3 Behaviors
2.3.4 Geographics
2.4 Market Growth

3.0 What Makes Us Different?
3.1 Differentiators
3.2 Direct Competition
3.3 Indirect Competition

4.0 Core Brand Positioning Strategy
4.1 Core Brand Positioning Message
4.2 Positioning Goals
4.3 Core Branding Elements
4.3.1 Colors
4.3.2 Logo
4.3.3 Images
4.3.4 Type

5.0 Product/Service Innovation
5.1 Price Rationale

6.0 Marketing Materials
6.1 Marketing Kit
6.2 Marketing Story
6.3 Testimonial Plan
6.4 Multi Media Materials

7.0 Digital marketing Plan
7.1 Website Marketing Strategy
7.2 Content Strategy
7.3 Search Engine Strategy
7.3.1 Local Search
7.3.2 Social Search
7.4 Email Marketing Plan
7.4.1 Lead Capture Systems
7.4.2 Data Mining
7.5 Social Media Plan

8.0 Lead Generation Plan
8.1 Advertising
8.2 Public Relations
8.2.1 Media List
8.3 Referrals

9.0 Service Experience
9.1 Community Building Plan
9.2 Loyalty Product/Service Offerings
9.3 WOW Experience Process

10.0 Monthly Marketing Calendar

11.0 Critical Numbers
11.1 Sales Forecast
11.2 Marketing Expense Budget
11.3 Measurement Plans
11.4 Key Marketing Metrics

12.0 Marketing Team
12.1 Team Structure
12.2 Keys to Success Training Plan
12.3 Numbers Reporting

After we help develop your strategy and plans, we also support you in begin executing them.

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From developing a well – defined strategy and specific marketing plan for your restaurant, we help will you make better marketing decisions for your restaurant business.