Re-marketing Campaign development and management services for Independent Hotels

Re-marketing also called as Re-targeting, helps you to target users who have visited your website. Remarketing campaigns can be customized for specific set of visitors based on their various behavioural attributes.


Divine Hospitality Consulting offers far – reaching re-marketing campaign development and management services to ensure that our client use their marketing budgets wisely on the users most likely to convert.

Divine Hospitality Consulting’s Re-marketing services help independent hotels to recover abandoned bookings. This can be done by creating a re-marketing list to include a targeted set of users – only show specific ads to visitors who visited the reservations page on your site, but did not complete the booking process – with a special offer on the specific room or package, an incentive to complete the transaction .

Our Re-marketing Services include:


As online markets get more crowded, it is even more important to reach the potential customers who have already been to your website and are likely to book.

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