Business Turnaround Specialists for Hotels Resorts Vacation Rentals Farm Stays Restaurants Cafes

Business Turnaround Specialists for Hotels Resorts Vacation Rentals Farm Stays Restaurants Cafes

Hotel Sales Training

“when a sales team has the same strategy as that of its competition, the sales experience becomes a commodity. when this happens, they no longer have the ability to differentiate on anything other than product or price. unless the company is lucky enough to sell a product superior to others, an advantage that is most likely to be short lived, the pricing pressure will result in missing the numbers and drop in profits.”

Why do hotel sales teams struggle to get higher room revenues?

Unlike other commodity sales functions, hotel sales teams are in the business of selling lifestyle experiences rather than physical commodities. Your sales and reservations teams face unique challenge in the hotel landscape today, when your competition offers basically the same amenities and services.

With the online third party channels like OTAs selling hotels mainly on the price, customers are only too eager to commoditize, and hotel sales staff often give in by lowering their rates to attract prospects and retain existing customers. This strategy results in rapidly eroding margins which in turn affects the property up keep and leaves very little room for improving your hotel facilities.

The sales team can be one of the most effective channels to engage your customers. However, today’s hyper-competitive market conditions, changes in customer’s booking patterns, and new market entrants necessitate a more focused and a transformational approach to sales strategy and sales team capabilities. In today’s fiercely competitive market especially, where you have to achieve more with less, hotels must maximize the return on their sales force.

Isn’t it crucial that you get the best possible return on this investment?

The answer to this challenge lies in your sales team going beyond delivering exceptional service, ardently prospecting for new market opportunities, effectively identifying key decision-makers and understanding customers’ unique needs.

Finally, A Hotel Sales Training program that delivers results


Hotel Sales Performance Improvement Training That Increases Direct Revenue And Fuels Growth

Divine hospitality’s sales training services for hotels can help your team to develop the roadmap that will help your sales team to effectively reach key market segments and achieve the business targets in the shorter period of time.

Our Hospitality Sales Training services for hotels include:

hospitality sales training

We devise a customized Hospitality Sales Training Plan for your hotel sales team by determining and leveraging optimal mix of direct and indirect sales channels in each market segment, to help you meet customer expectations and substantially increasing revenue and market share, at the same time reducing the cost of customer acquisition.

Following are the points we consider when creating customer targeting and Hospitality Sales Training Plan for your hotel:

  • Evaluate the key growth opportunities and improving existing sales process capabilities.
  • Unearth key growth opportunities in your target markets by understanding customer insights and determining value proposition,
  • Designing sales channels that leverage both Market segmentation and direct and indirect paths to market.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive customer program to manage the customer lifecycle.
  • Design and implement customer incentives that reward and motivate customers and drive customer loyalty

Sales Force Design

Design a Customer-Centric, winning Sales Force

Any sales team’s performance can be improved in many ways.  At Divine Hospitality’s sales team performance improvement solutions include rigorously identifying, prioritizing and then closing gaps in the sales strategy and execution capability to maximize specific growth opportunities. We create customized Customer-focused sales strategies for you, based on value creation, differentiation and offering superior customer experience to your guests.

  • We help hotels build sales A highly motivated, performance-focused and accountable sales team committed to achieve outstanding sales effectiveness by “getting it done” and “doing it right every time”.
  • By designing a disciplined and diligently executed sales and customer engagement process we support your sales team with market insights, expertise, speed-to-market and efficiency needed to achieve superior performance.
  • With to our expertise in offline sales and digital marketing, we can build a cohesive sales and marketing strategy for offline and digital sales teams, and unify their activities to transform your sales team into a sales force with competitive advantage, that helps your organization increase its value to customers.

Sales Team Performance Enhancement Plan

Our sales training team at divine hospitality helps you identify critical business growth opportunities, and implement the necessary changes to transform sales and marketing team’s performance and to boost your hotel’s revenue by minimum 10% or more.

We have helped sales teams of independent hotels achieve, significantly improved customer satisfaction ratings—and most important, up to 50% higher sales performance.

Our sales team performance enhancement plan will answer the questions below:

  • What should be the optimal size of sales team?
  • What is the most ideal and cost-effective mix of sales channels for the sales team based on customer needs, buying processes and the ideal customer experience, to optimize market coverage?
  • Which areas of expertise and selling skills make up the right profile for each member of the sales team?
  • Which accounts, territories and activities should be assigned to each member of the sales team?
  • To create the ideal customer experience, which activities should the sales force engage in?
  • How can these activities be transformed into effective selling skills?
  • What should be the optimal management reporting structure for the sales team?

Our Sales Team Performance Optimization Services

Divine hospitality offers you a range of hospitality sales and marketing training solutions by creating a custom training solution that best fits your needs. This includes creating actionable sales and marketing plans for your sales team, helping build capabilities within your sales team and boost their performance by:

  • Effectively planning field sales activities which are systematic, cost effective, collaborative, and easy to manage.
  • Design optimal sales team structure and Optimizing—or if needed, redesigning—your sales process.
  • Creating the field sales team, territory design and targeting plan to reach the most valuable accounts cost-effectively, target allocation and incentive plans; and integrating offline sales and marketing programs with digital marketing plan to achieve the hotel’s revenue targets.
  • Guide your managers to improve their sales team management competencies, retain and develop sales talent, and motivate the sales team to perform at their highest level.
  • Regularly measuring performance of your sales team and evaluate their competencies to get the right people in the right roles and continuously improve performance.
  • Identifying and prioritizing new opportunities to improve performance.

Benefits of our Hospitality Sales Training services for your hotel

Divine Hospitality’s sales team performance enhancement plan for hotels will help you to:

  • Identify and leverage the best customer opportunities by targeting accounts and customers based on overall Sales strategy, business segmentation and value.
  • Optimize sales activity plans for each customer account to deepen customer engagement and increase offline sales success.
  • Take steps to ensure that the sales strategies address evolving customer and business needs.
  • Maximize sales team member’s productivity through effective sales call-planning, scheduling and reporting processes
  • Ensure sales call reports incorporate the required information about customers, including customer profile.
  • Transform sales call reporting data into valuable insights to improve planning of marketing campaigns and sales offers, and enabling performance management for the sales team.

Our end-to-end hospitality sales training services are designed to meet evolving customer needs and enable independent your hotel’s sales team to:

  • Bind offline sales and digital marketing and directly link sales decisions to business strategy for greater alignment between strategy and execution,
  • Create unique and compelling customer value propositions and effective market segmentation strategies
  • Gain a better and a thorough understanding of the marketplace.
  • Identify profitable sales channels and determine coverage for various customer segments to increase market share
  • Strengthen customer relationships and Improve customer satisfaction while managing resources effectively
  • Reduce costs of customer acquisition.

Are you ready to outsmart the competition?

We have experience across a broad spectrum of sales team structures, including generalist and specialized field sales teams, strategic and key account teams and inside sales teams.

Our goal is not to create JUST a “bright and shiny sales force,” but rather helping you in making the right investments that result in a substantial increase in revenues.

With our customized, on-site hospitality sales training programs, you can boost professional skillset of your sales team, grow your profit margins to healthy levels and deliver results you can measure on your bottom line, all this while giving your customers better service.

Contact us today to know how we can boost profitability for your hotel with our customized Hospitality Sales Training workshops, give it a competitive advantage and increase your market share.

Hospitality Sales Training for Small and Medium Size Independent Hotels

At Divine Hospitality, we understand that independent hotels are often short of experienced staff to manage these systems, there is often time pressure and not enough bandwidth.

Due to the restrictions of size and budgets, SMALL AND MEDIUM SIZE independent hotels often do not have the liberty to recruit and retain a full – fledged sales and revenue management team. Adding to that, there is no marketing support from franchise driven marketing programs, national sales office, regional sales teams or frequent guest programs to contribute to the hotel’s occupancy.

Independent hotels need a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy to address fundamental questions such as:

  • How to increase visibility?
  • Which customer segments to cover?
  • What should be the sales and marketing offers and campaigns to effectively meet customer demands?

We can help you reach these goals to drive top- and bottom-line results.

A winning sales force is a key engine for your business growth ESPECIALLY in these challenging times. The sales team – one of the most valuable resources of your hotel  – connects your hotel to its lifeblood, its customer base.

Steady and continuous improvement is a hallmark of great sales teams. Building and managing a high performance sales force involves considerable time, efforts and attention. But if not managed effectively, can also prove to be an expensive sales investment. It requires a thorough understanding of your customer needs for implementing the right strategy and utilizing your sales team’s potential while training them to adapt and succeed as the market conditions change.