Business Turnaround Specialists for Hotels Resorts Vacation Rentals Farm Stays Restaurants Cafes

Business Turnaround Specialists for Hotels Resorts Vacation Rentals Farm Stays Restaurants Cafes

High – Impact Hospitality Management Consultants who deliver results!

What’s important to you is important to us. hospitality-management-consultants
In today’s volatile and highly competitive market, maintaining individuality and market share that support your hotel’s exclusivity is imperative for independent hoteliers.

For us too, each client is unique. We believe there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, which is why we don’t offer any cookie-cutter strategies and programs. By understanding your goals and most common pain-points, we then develop a detailed, precise plan devised specifically for your hotel that works best for you.

How we work:

There are a number of integral elements which constitute the process:

1.       Assessment & Gap Analysis:

Every business is different, so getting to know yours is the first step. We understand how your company works, your vision for your property and your aims, objectives and what your goals are for improvement.

Divine Hospitality works with your team to review aspects of product and service offering, undertake a comprehensive review of your key drivers and assess your existing marketing activities identify new markets and customer opportunities.

2.       Conduct Detailed SWOT Analysis:

Following a property visit, we will prepare a detailed report covering all the great things you do and also explore opportunities, identify areas for improvement – where your property is not quite reaching its potential.

Our market research and analysis includes an in-depth look at you and your competitors, your strengths and weaknesses, in all areas of hotel management and marketing, including:

We will also assess your sales and marketing process to ensure that you are targeting the right customers with the right  products at the right prices thus ensuring maximum reach.

3.       Competitor Benchmarking

  1. Do you really know who is your competition?
  2. How Is your product and service level compared to your competition hotels?
  3. How do the clients compare your hotel to the other hotels?

When you want to be “best-in-breed”, you have to know how you rate compared with your peers, review the marketing effectiveness of competitors and where you need to improve relative to them.

Online, potential customers often directly compare what a competing hotel has to offer. By Benchmarking, we gather insights not only on their selling rates but also on the value they offer. We put ourselves “in the customers’ shoes” and give you the insight on where you need to improve or try new approaches whether they’re related to pricing, revenue management, direct sales, or brand communication.

It’s also an essential part of developing a digital marketing strategy to grow your reach where you need to look beyond a site at all aspects of online communications effectiveness. review more regularly to see how competitors’ marketing changes.

4.       Improve guest experience

We will review the customer journey. Often it’s the ‘little’ things that can make a big difference to your guest experience. We will assess whether you are set up to exceed guest expectations and suggest changes where necessary.

5.       Detailed Marketing Strategy:

We draw out detailed marketing strategies that meet your hotel’s needs. We’ll devise a distribution channel strategy that fits into your overall marketing strategy, a pricing strategy that improves your daily room rates, and increases your occupancy rates.


6.       Formulate an Action Plan for Success

After we complete the marketing research and analysis, We will provide you with a customized marketing plan, a detailed road map and budget for your hotel which you and your sales and marketing team can follow.

Your detailed Action Plan for Success will cover each area of the business and will be presented to all relevant stakeholders with timelines to deliver the results you expect and keeping you informed, enabling you to better-direct your marketing spend.

7.       Execution and Measurement

We get to work immediately, implement our strategies, track progress and analyze the results to give every customer a closer look at their return on investment.

Divine Hospitality’s agile marketing methods quickly adapt to the changing marketplace. Your success is our mission, and we’re here to see it through. Going forward, as your hospitality management consultants, we work with you to ensure the action plan is implemented and reviewed on a regular basis.

Contact us today for a no – obligation meeting to discuss how we can help you meet your desired goals.