Yield Management

Significantly increase your yield with Yield Management, the tool lets you set rates based upon occupancy levels and combine other factors such as room type and other fees. Combining different factors enables you to offer the best rate targeting the diverse set of guests while maintaining good profit margins.

As occupancy levels grow, automatically increase rates on all selected channels.

How it benefits you?

To run a profitable business, one must know the significance of yield management. eZee's booking system offers you the perfect yield management tool through which you can organize strategies and tactics, let us explain you how it works. For instance, when the demand is high or half of your hotel rooms are occupied and others a filling at fast pace, you can hike the room rates and take advantage of the situation for more profit. What yield management does is monitor all such factors like the occupancy rate, peak season, upcoming holidays and helps you select the BAR (Best Available Rate) accordingly. As a result you no longer have to manually conclude the room rate, eZee booking system will do it for you.

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