TripAdvisor TripConnect Premium Partner

Use eZee Reservation to get direct bookings from Trip Advisor

Receive Direct Bookings from Travel Giant - TripAdvisor TripConnect

Connecting hotels with a world of travelers, InstantBooking is the latest initiative by TripAdvisor TripConnect, that allows travellers to make direct hotel bookings from the TripAdvisor meta-search itself.

The eZee Connection

eZee Reservation offers seamless integration with InstantBooking, allowing you to receive direct bookings from the massive number of travelers visiting TripAdvisor.

How Can We Help?

eZee being a Premium Partner allows you to generate direct bookings from TripAdvisor. Through eZee system you can

  • Easily publish real-time rates and availability of your property.
  • Instantly receive guest booking through "Book on TripAdvisor" button.

Enable Review Express from TripAdvisor and Start Collecting Automated Reviews

With eZee, on your selection TripAdvisor’s review request can be sent automatically by email to the guest on check-out.

Don't Believe Us? Try it Yourself!