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Business Turnaround Specialists for Hotels Resorts Vacation Rentals Farm Stays Restaurants Cafes



Experience the Power of Ultimate
Revenue Management

Awarding you with enticing profit margins, we offer you the most efficient revenue optimization tool. The diversified categories of revenue management provision gives you an opportunity to maximize your sales while enriching guest service to attract more leisure and corporate travellers.

Automatic and Normal Rates

Not every service in the hotel is taxed and thus, we have created an easy to use tool that allows you to differentiate between standard and taxable rates. In the rate screen, you will be able to easily distinguish between the rates that are inclusive of taxes and those which are excluded from the list. In addition, you can always redefine the parameter as per the changing requirements.

Seasonal Rates

To yield maximum, it is vital that you sell the correct room at the precise rate. Analyzing the market scenario eZee PMS allows you to configure various rate plans that include seasonal rates, peak season rates, weekend rates and more and are active for the particular time period. Giving you complete control over the rate plans, you can update the prices at any given time and create an unlimited number of seasons spread over multiple years.

Contract Rates

Configure special rates exclusively for associated partners such as car rentals, local travel agent, travel websites (OTA) and more which will automatically reflect your bookings by connecting it with the associated source account. As a result, you can easily keep a track of all the transactions that are taking place with all your business sources and OTAs.

Negotiated Rates

Quite often there are guests who try to negotiate rates with the staff or a special guest who you wish to provide a discount, this requires hotels to use a PMS that accepts negotiated rates. As for example, every reservation created at reception can be sold for a negotiated price entered manually or at a discount to an existing rate, which is specified as a negative charge in the reservation folio.

Flexible Rate Rules

As soon as the booking kicks in, eZee solution is flexible enough to automatically act according to the configured set rules. The specified base and maximum occupancy on room type allow you to configure the rates for extra adult and child with different rate plans that can be applied on bookings based on occupancy you select. Additionally, you can set up discounts that can be applied either with the room charge or folio charge based on the user rights.

Allocated Rates

The eZee system offers you an exclusive provision to set up a separate price allocation facility for your website and channels.

Multiple Rate Support

Our web PMS effortlessly supports multiple rates and rate types in a single stay booking.


Through our online hotel system, you can distinctively automate your taxation process while creating the taxing system for your hotel in the initial set up. Once the set up is complete, you can configure rates inclusive taxes from the same rates set up the screen. Thus, based on the Inclusive/Exclusive Tax Rate the system automatically posts tax charges with the bill.

More Reviews Means More ROI

Checking hotel reviews is now a basic necessity before purchasing a hotel room, they not just convince the booker to confirm or cancel his booking but are actually an integral part of communication between hotel and guest. At the time of guest check-out, the reservation software will send an email to your guest asking to review your hotel and will automatically publish the confirmed review on your hotel website or other review sites.

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