Business Turnaround Specialists for Hotels Resorts Vacation Rentals Farm Stays Restaurants Cafes

Business Turnaround Specialists for Hotels Resorts Vacation Rentals Farm Stays Restaurants Cafes

Create Packages, Promotional Deals & Special Offers

Attract bookers by creating and offering promotional packages or special offers; which can be customized based on the discount amount, percentage, the number of nights or simply create a customized package with any of the combination.

Optimal way to attract more online booking is to offer special discounts, deals and packages. As an hotelier, you have the liberty to offer various types of packages consequently converting lookers into bookers.

  • The pay stay deals include packages like "Book now and get an additional night free with 2-night stay".
  • Offer a flat discount on direct booking, for example "Book a deluxe suite and get a discount of xx amount during weekdays.”
  • You can even offer deals by offering percentage discounts, such as "Flat 40% off on honeymoon suites".
  • In case your hotel is not fully booked at the weekend, you can publish last minute hot deals for the last-minute shoppers.
  • You can easily promote online booking by alluring those people who like to book in advance, by offering them special packages on advance booking.

Additionally, eZee’s booking engine allows you to run each of the promotional offers on specific dates, days (weekend, holiday, festival), excluding specific dates, unlocking promo code, configure special visibility setting for guest or travel agents.


Secret/Special Deals for Frequent Guests

Create secret deals and offer them to your regular guests by creating promo codes which can be accessed only by them while booking. You can also create promo codes and use them in your email marketing or display them on your website. Set expiry dates for promo code and offer them as limited time offer to increase bookings.

Special Discounts for Corporate Clients

Offer special discounted rates to your corporate and VIP Club Members. The system keeps track of all the rates offered and full history in detailed reports. Only the registered members will be able to avail the discounted rates or offers.

Affiliate Group Tracking and Booking

If your hotel has affiliated program through which you are getting guests coming to your hotel, you can take advantage of the tools facilitating Affiliation programs procedure in the system. You can generate various affiliation codes for different users which can be shared across websites, that enable wider audience to book with your hotel and can convert them into guests.

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