Business Turnaround Specialists for Hotels Resorts Vacation Rentals Farm Stays Restaurants Cafes

Business Turnaround Specialists for Hotels Resorts Vacation Rentals Farm Stays Restaurants Cafes

Walk that Extra Mile, Interact with Your Guest Before, During and After Stay

Boost your guest engagement with the help of our pre-arrival, in-house & post-departure email service. Promote local attractions, exhibit hotel services, collect guest feedback and thus encourage personalized communication and build guest loyalty.

Pre Arrival

Provide the guest hotel route

Email your guests directions to find the exact location to your hotel few hours prior to their scheduled arrival.

Advance check-in

Diverging from traditional and sluggish check-in procedure, encourage your guests to check-in prior to their arrival.

Room upgrades

A few days prior to the guests arrival, offer them extravagant room upgrade, airport pick-up or even dinner reservations and upsell hotel services.

Remind guest for canceling reservation, if any, to avoid no-show cases

No show guests are a pain and always results in a loss for you. Request your guests to cancel their reservation in advance if there is any change in their itinerary.

Customize your stay

Not everything goes according to plan, let your guest customize their booking like a change in dates or room type according to the change in their itinerary.

We look forward to your stay

Travelling is an exciting experience for guests. Take advantage of this opportunity by making them feel welcomed and assure them that they are going to have a great time.

During Stay

Welcome guest

Once check-in formalities are fulfilled, send your guest a warm welcome email, urging them to try out various hotel amenities like the newly opened spa or gaming room etc.

Hotel renovation

In the case of any issue at the property (maintenance or construction work), inform your guests about it, apologize for the inconvenience and request them to cooperate.

Today's menu

Entice your guests with tempting images of the restaurant delicacies and inform them about the chef special of the day.

Special breakfast & dinning offers

Engage with in-house guests, send them some personalized discounts for breakfast/lunch/dinner offers and more.

Pass important information to guest

Apart from the obvious, email your guest advising about any important information that they ought to know.

Promote your local area and hotel amenities.

Let your guests know about any local festivals going on or nearby tourist attraction and offer them a tourist guide or rent car etc to upsurge your revenue.

Post Departure

Rate our service, give your feedback!

Following guest’s check-out, request for a feedback for your service and publish them on various review sites.

Thank you email

Post departure, grab the last opportunity to engage with your guest. Send a thank you email, your guests will appreciate the effort.

Bring back email

Send series of promotional campaigns to your guests, offering special packages and discounts on future bookings.

Promotions & Offers

Send personalized packages and unique discounts on future bookings and entice your guest to book with you again.

Custom messages

Saving valuable time, we provide you with a number of pre-defined email templates with our solution. However you can edit, customize or even create new email templates according to your requirements.

Copy Emails

As generating great content over and over again can be difficult. Copy, edit or reuse existing template to optimize available content.

Auto & Manual Email Scheduling

Schedule and automate email campaign and save valuable time and effort. Additionally, if need be you can even customize the said templates and schedule them manually as well.

Mobile friendly templates

Smartphones are the most utilized platform to check emails, thus the emails templates we provide are extremely responsive and can be accessed from all platforms be it desktop, mobile or tablet.

Create & Save For Later

According to your requirements, the booking system also allows you to easily create various email campaigns and saving it for future.

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