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Business Turnaround Specialists for Hotels Resorts Vacation Rentals Farm Stays Restaurants Cafes

Trouble Free Audit Trails

Another significant aspect of Hotel Management is audit trail records. Giving you complete details of each activity at your property, eZee Absolute offers automated as well as manual multiple audit trails viz. night audit, transaction audit trials and more.

Transaction Audit Trails

Every transaction in the system is tracked and stored in the logs. You can view each operation performed on the transaction, check which user triggered the transaction along with precise date/time. This keeps your staff updated with the booking process and increases accountability among staff.

Block Room Audit Trails

The system maintains blocked rooms logs as well as real-time inventory update and track of reasons for blocking the room while keeping the front desk updated with rooms status.

Night Audit - Audit Trails

Night Audit is pretty crucial operation when it comes to running a hotel business. Thus, property owners need to ensure that night-audit is accurately performed on a daily basis by the hotel staff. Moreover, if your staff is working in shift; then it is essential to maintain logs recording which staff member carried the Night Audit and at the time of the audit taking place.

Update Rate Audit Trails

Changes or updates for rates in the system are stored in dedicated logs to informing about updates as well as date/time of the update along with the user details.

In-depth Audit Setting

If any user edits the basic property settings, the settings logs give you access to view the changes made in the system and update you about the user.

IP Configuration for Audit Trails

Mostly for security concerns, the majority of hotels provide limited access to their staff for accessing front office. As eZee hotel software also stores IP Configuration log, you can give access to users according to their local machine IP configuration.

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