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Web Analytics for Independent Hotels

The journey of reaching your goals starts by properly tracking them.

You have a beautiful car with and you drive great. Now imagine driving the same car blind folded. Will you be able to?

Similarly you may have a beautiful hotel and you have great plans to make it big. But how do you know where it is heading? How will it get where you want it to be?

You will measure your growth by tracking sales, revenue forecast, business on books, expenses, and much more, so that you can see where your business is headed, plug in the gaps and make necessary changes to your business plan. Simple, isn’t it?

Ability to track statistics and interpreting the data – unravelling out what is working from what is not – in order to make beneficial changes, is one of the most pivotal prerequisites for any business to succeed.

Without a good analytics system, your website business will be driving blind folded without knowing if it’s headed in the right direction.

Why are anlytics important?

Data is becoming more complex…

It is important for independent hotels to know how your website operates, its vistors, their traffic sources and navigation patterns to understand how well your website investment is paying off.

But ultimately what it really helps you with is not mere tracking numbers but also the most important thing – your performance, which is your direct bookings and incremental revenue.

Do you know:

It is important for independent hotels to organize their digital assets smartly for superior visitor engagement and easier product discovery by making the user journey on their website effortless.

Divine Hospitality’s web analytics services for hotels provide answers to these and many other questions.

Our Business Intelligence Solutions for Hotels

Divine Hospitality’s Web analytics Services deliver actionable insights from website navigation and conversion data to provide independent hotels with a 360° view of their performance and meet revenue goals such as:

Our web analytics methodology

A hotel’s revenue management is linked to channel performance and the cost of distribution besides other factors. To make the right pricing and inventory allocation decisions revenue managers have to understand what customers are searching for, when and where they are searching and have to rely on historical data, recent booking information, and general market trends.

Get the facts from the figuresanalytics-for-hotels

Divine Hospitality’s Strategic Analytics and Sales Transformation Roadmap is designed to help independent hotels in measurement, analysis, and optimization of their online marketing activities and noticeably improve their return on investment in digital marketing.

Our methodology:

If your Analytics implementation is inaccurate or incomplete – if it hasn’t been set up to report on your marketing channels – the insights you are getting will be wrong and can lead you to erroneous conclusions.

Our Strategic Value Assessment Analytics Audit will make sure you’re organised to receive real-time analytics and actionable business insights from your website data to help you improve key focus areas such as:

We start with a detailed audit to assess the Strategic Value – detailing your hotel’s current use of technology, processes, resources, and how well you manage these activities – modifying the digital analytics focus from collection and reporting data to actionable insights. This assessment will help you understand:

The Strategic Value Assessment is integrated with our comprehensive 12 to 24-months Digital Marketing Strategic roadmap defining the priorities and identifying necessary analytical or reporting parameters to support the functional deployment of technologies and ensure alignment to the Digital Marketing plan.

Divine Hospitality Consulting’s analytics strategy framework is based on the following components:

Step 1: Determine Needs

The most important objective of these processes for business success is increasing direct bookings and revenues. Unfortunately, the road to an online booking is inundated with abandonment. Reservation abandonment rates for many hotels still hover between 65 and 75 percent. This means that more than half of the online bookings are abandoned loosing huge potential bookings and revenue.

It is important for customer satisfaction to make these multi-step processes as user-friendly as possible.

Knowing which steps have the highest abandonment rate and improving these areas within your booking path will have a positive effect on your overall conversion rate.

Step 2: Set Goals

The next step is identifying the key areas that you want to improve, and set explicit goals. It is important to define a specific change and quantifying your objectives. For example, you might define an objective to “increase room sales by 10 percent in May and making changes in the conversion funnel by reducing the booking steps from three to two.”

Once defined, objectives are then prioritized and broken down into small measurable steps to make productive analytics implementation.

Step 3: Define Metrics

With a vast array of website data available, what’s the most important thing to measure? Which are the most important metrics that which help improve your site? Which processes will impact your direct bookings and revenues? Once we identify these areas, we can deploy them to achieve incremental revenues with higher profits.

Following are some questions to identify important metrics for analysis.

Once we have identified your most important processes leading to lead conversions, we then set clear, quantifiable goals for improvement.

Step 4: Collect and record data

All specified information is tracked with proper page tagging to collect required data.

Step 5: Test and implement improvement strategies

This is an important part of the continuous improvement process and though it takes time, knowledge, and precision, it is better than deploying your strategies without testing and hoping for the best.

Step 6: Measure Results to improve yield and maximize Revenue

Divine Hospitality Consulting’s analytics services for hotels provides independent hotels the capability to perform market segmentation of search data using a wide range of factors including visitor locations, demographics, preferred products and product features to uncover social-economic trends.

Step 7: Set new Goals!

Once we have successfully accomplished the goals, the only thing left to do is to start it all over again, go back and set new ones, because there is always more to achieve!

The best way to be successful is with Continuous improvement and fine – tuning your goals and refining metrics is crucial for you to stay ahead of your competition.

For perishable products like rooms, the challenge is to differentiate between sales channels, accurately assess demand volumes, monitor booking levels and make appropriate allocation decisions to achieve optimal levels of occupancy and getting the right price.

Web analytics is no different from any other marketing research information we relied on in the past. The only difference is that Divine Hospitality analytics can also tell you what types of products or services are generating more leads, or what type of information visitors are interested in and can help you to determine what’s working for you and what’s not.

Continuous website and marketing campaigns improvement is a central part of Divine Hospitality web analytics services. It’s not enough to just measure but also to understand which signals and metrics make positive impact on the overall SEO of your site and have the greatest influence on your business.

After all, isn’t it all about knowing your customers better so you can serve them better and achieve results that make a difference to the bottom line?

Need help with analytics? We are glad to help. Contact us today for a no -obligation meeting to know more about analytics for your hotel.